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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (PS4)

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Next Level Edition (Xbox Series X)

Price: €49.99 

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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Next-Level Edition PS5/XBSX Contents:
Digital Pre-Order Incentives :
o Golden Hero Armor Pack (Contains two golden Armor themes)
o Dragon Lord Pack: This pack contains the following unique cosmetic items:
Legendary Weapon, The Apex
Skullantir Legendary Spell
Tyrant Attire Armor Presets (5 items)
Villain’s Visage Face Preset (2 items)
Death’s Head Makeup Pack (3 items)
Emperor of the Dead Banner Set (3 items)
Kwartz Hero Statue Material

Embark on an epic adventure full of whimsy, wonder, and high-powered weaponry! Bullets, magic, and broadswords collide across this chaotic fantasy world brought to life by the unpredictable Tiny Tina.
Roll your own multiclass hero and loot, shoot, slash, and cast your way through outlandish monsters and loot-filled dungeons on a quest to stop the tyrannical Dragon Lord. Everyone's welcome, so join the party, throw on your adventuring boots, and be Chaotic Great!


Genre Action

Publisher Take-Two Interactive

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