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Samurai Warriors 5 (PS4)


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SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 takes place inside the Sengoku period, during which an inverted social order extends across Japan. As war rages, several influential figures appear across the country seeking to reign supreme over these turbulent times. Among those figures, the great daimyō, Yoshimoto Imagawa, dispatches his troops to escort the minor daimyo of the neighboring nation – Ieyasu Tokugawa – as a hostage. While everyone is assessing the situation, there is one person watching all of this occur from high above … Nobunaga Oda. SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 begins with Nobunaga, along with his childhood friend Toshiie Maeda, as they make a raid on the Imagawa Army in order to rescue Ieyasu from his captors.


Genre Fighting

Publisher Koch Media

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