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Budget Cuts (PS4)

Budget Cuts VR (PS4)

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Price: €29.95


One of the most popular and popular VR games ever made. Is now on PSVR.

Budget Cuts is a stealthy VR game in which you dexterously weave your way through thrilling air combat, where you make your way through splashes of oil!

You are an employee of the TransCop mega conglomerate to stamp papers and file files! Unfortunately, TransCorp is an expert in the manufacturing of cost-saving robots, and soon your work will be in danger.

When another of your colleagues is taken to the terrifying human resources department, a mysterious package arrives in your office. Will you be able to save your job?


  • Unleash your office at your ninja skills spy
  • A thrilling close combat, filled with oil splashes
  • Close the zipper, baste you or do a magic trick
  • Designed for virtual reality-wide the piece from day one


Genre Action

Publisher Perpetual

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