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Oninaki (PS4)

Oninaki (PS4)


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Yomi, Heaven, Duat, Lua-o-Milu or simply the other world; since the origin of humanity, people always wondered what happens when this living finish. Is commonly believed that our composed by two main parts: physical and spiritual; while the previous is subject to the rules of earthly life, the latter is the eternal part of us destinated to reach a new dimension of the existence or to find a new body to inhabit until the oblivion in which all afflictions, all actions, all rebirths, and all suffering will cease. Through the ages and the cultures, people gave their meaning to death; developing different spiritual thoughts & practices to help their community during the passing of a relative or a friend. But that’s not all, in order to exorcise the, fully comprehensible, fear of what will be after; writers, poets, directors, and game developers have tried to answer an endless number of opuses. Beetlejuice, Spawn, Black Mirror’s episode San Junipero, Grim Fandango or Journey, just to name a few are probably the best examples of afterlife ideas in pop-culture environment. Also, the legendary Tokyo RPG Factory has worked on their version of the voyage between this and that realm, and the result is something absolutely amazing: Oninaki for PS4 & NS!

This new action-RPG is set between two different worlds and states of existence; the Watchers are supernatural beings who help the souls in the perilous journey between the physical world, and the Beyond. Like a sort of celestial guardians; they have to keep safe their proteges by the attacks of the creatures led by the Night Devil, a mysterious dark swordsman. Aided by the Daemons, lost souls who can’t reincarnate into a new being; the Watchers are highly trained in combat to offer the most secure passage between the dimensions. Kagachi, in particular, is the youngest yet most promising Watcher of his generation; serious and determined thanks to his powers he can use the evoke the spirits of the people who have helped, and also exploit the skills of a large number of Daemons. One day, during his wander in the physical world Kagachi meets an old friend who hasn’t aged a day. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember her name or who is she; the only certain thing is that the Night Devil hunt her since a very long time…
What are his true intentions? What secrets are lurking between our world and the Beyond? Discover this, and much more with Oninaki for PS4 & NS.


Genre Action

Publisher Square Enix

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