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Trials of Mana (PS4)

Trials of Mana (PS4)


Price: €49.94


Pre-Order Bonus: 
 - Rabite Adornment DLC (Gain more EXP after a battle up to Level 10)
 - Trials of Mana Playstation Exclusive Avatar Set (Duran, Angela, Kevin, Charlotte, Hawkeye, Riesz)

Embark on a Coming of Age Fantasy Tale
The Trials of Mana story spans across six possible main protagonists. The story evolvesand changes based on which  characters you chose to be in your party, and because of this, the game is substantially replayable Embark on multiple coming of age fantasy tales to safeguard the power of Mana and keep the forces of evil at bay.

Assemble a Cast of Stalwart Companions
Duran the Soldier, Riesz the Princess, Angela the Magician, Charlotte the Forest Daughter, Kevin the Werewolf, Hawkeye the thief.
Assemble a cast of stalwart, companions whose trials will entwine with yours in the quest to defend Mana.

Explore a Spectacular and Colorful World
The world in Trials of Mana immerses you in a beautiful and whimsical adventure. Each land you will visit has a distinct setting and creates a truly enchanting experience. Explore a spectacular and colorful world where the power of Mana hangs in the balance between the forces of good and evil.

Engage in Fun Battles with Strategy and Skill
Between six different companions and many job classes to choose from for each character, you can customize your gameplay to fit your fighting style. Engage in fun battles that allow you to switch to different characters mid battle and rewards your strategy and skill.

Experience a Truly New Vision for Mana
From the graphics, to the battle, to the UI and the new bonus features, Trials of Mana breaks the mold of what the Mana franchise is. Experience a truly new vision for the Mana franchise without losing the aesthetic and feel of what makes a Mana game great.


Genre Action RPG

Publisher Square Enix

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