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Pro Cycling Manager 2011 (XB3)

Pro Cycling Tour de France 11 (XB3)


Price: €5.00


Pro Cycling Manager never stops in its pursuit of a true-to-life race experience. Riders are now rendered in a wide range of builds and their bike geometries are adapted to their size. All are governed by improved game AI and race physics for ever more life-like rider behaviour.

As with every new version of Pro Cycling Manager, "Season 2011" builds upon the best of previous years and adds numerous new advances of its own.

The game thus offers a multitude of official teams and riders who take part in hundreds of races, including the three Grand Tours, the spring and autumn classics as well as diverse minor tours and national championships.

These races are set in rich 3D decors where riders of differing sizes are equipped with bikes of varying geometries. This wide variety of appearances augments the 3D race experience which is, itself, intensified by improved race physics and AI.

  • 3D rider fully remodelled, enabling the display of the individual physiques of each rider.
  • New bike geometries linked to size of rider.
  • More realistic sprint AI so race result will better respect the true sprint hierarchy.
  • Over 60 teams including : Astana, HTC Highroad, Saxo Bank - Sunguard, Sky Pro Cycling, . . .
  • 495 different races/stages, including the official stages of the Tour de France and Vuelta.
  • 75% more 3D route files for a greater variety of race decors and landscapes.
  • Achievements to be unlocked in road races and on the track.
  • Multiplayer client now fully integrated inside the game.
  • New game interface for management pages.
  • Editor tools to create your own game content.


Genre Sports

Publisher Kalypso

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